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About us


China Powerbank Factory is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. takes pride in the longstanding relationships with numerous world-class companies. These companies value our extensive expertise and our wide range of products. We offer highly innovative OEM storage and peripheral solutions which include Portable power, Solar chargers, Notebook batteries, and customized energy products.  Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to provide every manufacturing process -- design, tooling, molding, assembly, production and distribution. Let us take your product concept from a design into reality., and have strong sensitivity of marketing in the Power Bank. 100% of our productions are exported overseas, especially Europe and North America. To meet the different requirements of our customers, OEM and ODM are welcome.


   There are 10,000 square meters of our factory, and we have 150 workers servicing in every process of mass production, more than 10 R&D and 10 QC who strictly control the product's quality of every link in the production process to ensure the high quality of products.  Our production capacity is 50 thousand to 500 thousands pieces per month and we are much experienced in operating a big order.


  After over ten years of development, we have scored great achievement in making and processing all kinds of power bank and battery charger, energy saving charger etc., and won good reputation among clients. Our cooperative customers include some world-famous Drink, Automobile, Telecommunication, Cell phone Companies, Football & Basketball Teams, as well as many domestic and abroad brand-name Eletronics companies and Eletronics chain stores, etc. To get more information on them, please view our website.


  Your idea is our concern. All of our team always work hard and share with you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest in our items and we believe you will obtain more surprise. 



Product Application


    Our external batteries are applicable to various brands like Apple, htc, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. They can be use to charge digital devices like iPhone/iPod/iPod, mp3/mp4 player, PSP, camera, tablet, etc. through USB output port.With more and more demands of iphone external battery and other digital products power bank, we engage ourselves in developing safe and reliable products for our customers.More and more friends using a mobile power supply, mobile power slowly also into our work, life. Mobile power makes people live in a good helper, so it has the specific scope of application, today and everyone together to discuss.



Mobile phone charging 1:

I believe most of the buying power of the mobile friends is to backup power as a mobile phone, mobile power supply, because there are many of my friends called mobile power supply mobile phone, this explains the origin and the mobile phone of the deep. Now mobile power on the market demand for different mobile phone interface for supporting a variety of interface, especially as iPhone, Meizu MX can not replace the battery of mobile phone, mobile power supply is solved as pressing danger.

when you are Surfing the Internet,you need it.

Now the popular tablet computer tablet computer, gorgeous screen, have a fever level configuration to flat computer needs more power, many manufacturers also improved saving method, but so far, I'm afraid a lot of people or for the tablet computer standby time is a headache, and mobile power supply is undoubtedly a goodsolution.


 Also when you travelling,you also can take with it.
Digital cameras, camera: now the pursuit of quality of life, loves to travel, tourism is not the camera and shooting, but many cameras and camera battery capacity really dare not flatter, like a camera on hand, the memory card is 4G, not as full of pictures, the battery is no electricity go out to play, there will always be some attractions can not. Now some camera support mobile charger, as long as carrying a mobile power supply, it solves no electricity cause for regret.


Multi-function and powerful features,it will be a part of your life.
MP3, MP4, PSP, PDA and other digital products: young people like entertainment, whether it is listening to music, watching movies, playing games, there are many electronic products are put in the bag. The mobile power support, we can whenever and wherever possible to enjoy the digital products bring happiness, not to have no electricity because of worries.


Notebook: now have mobile power supply power of some of the more large capacity to support the notebook. who had made the network administrator, notebook as a debugging tool for network often need to carry and use, in some places there is no way to switch on the power, while the notebook battery is not durable, which is composed of a large capacity mobile power of some brands come in handy. These mobile power supply is also very suitable for travel business persons to use.



What to be able to charge almost anything ? Here you go !


Basic Information



Company Name:


China PowerBank Factory



Business Type:


Manufacturer, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler





OEM/ODM Power Bank, Solar Power Bank, High capacity power bank, laptop charger, Portable power bank, gifts power bank charger, 50000 mah power bank, dual usb power bank, mobile charger



(We Sell):


OEM/ODM Power Bank, Solar Power Bank, High capacity power bank, laptop charger, Portable power bank, gifts power bank charger, 50000 mah power bank, dual usb power bank, mobile charger








Number of Employees:


100 - 150 People



Management Certification:


ISO 9001:2000


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Business Principle


  The achievements of our organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual in the organization working toward common objectives

  We understand our success is dependent upon our customers' success

 Regardless of market conditions, our business principles and the power of our individual and company commitments mean that we will remain a consistent resource for our customers

 We stress teamwork in everything we do. We have found that team effort often produces the best results. Our commitment is to work as a team to fulfill the expectations of our customers, shareholders and others who depend upon us.

 Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do and to be open and honest in their dealings to earn the trust and loyalty of others.

 We have trust and respect for individuals. We attract a diverse group of highly capable, experienced, innovative people and recognize their efforts and contributions to the company.

People are our most important assets. We make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. we share our success with them which they make possible. In a service business, we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best company. 

For us to remain at the forefront in our industry, we constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our customers, and we are always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to do our work and deliver our services better.

Providing the best: We manufacture garments with elegant, decent and comfortable style with delicate cutting and craftsmanship. Our products provide a metropolitan outlook by adopting high quality materials and smooth cuttings. 

Respect our employees: In order to obtain a long-term continuous development, we treasure our employees very much. We provide training courses to our employees from time to time, to ensure that our employees are equipped with the latest skill and knowledge.

Social Responsibility Policy: Social Responsibility Management is a very important part in our company daily operation. Fulfilling social compliance is essential for providing good products to our customers.

Concern for the Environment: We believe it is our duty to protect the environment and we do this by complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


Our promises

    Forbid to use child and forced labours.

    Respect the freedom of workers.

    Provide workers with sanitary working environment; ensure the health and safety of workers.

    Respect the legal rights of employees to freely and without harassment participate in worker organizations of their choice.

    Provide workers with a fair and equal working environment forbid any kind of discrimination.

    Respect the basic human rights of workers; forbid any humiliation practices.

    Provide workers with reasonable time to work and rest under good management.

    Provide workers with reasonable wages and benefits to meet their basic needs.