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     Product Name:new design power bank Color:White or customized color Product model:G-225 Shell material :ABS+PC Built-in batteries:18650 Capacity :7200mah-10400mah Input:5V/1.2A Output:5V/1A,2A Charging time:aroud 5-7hours Recycle:≥300times Operating Temperature:-5°C ~ 40°C Storage Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C Dimension:138*60*20mm Weight:229g Cell type:Grade A li-polymer battery Applicable device:MOBILE,PSP,IPOD,IPHONE,IPAD,MP4,PMP,GPS,CAMERA etc. Feature 1 .You can paint any picture on the shell 2.Compatible with most of smartphone and ipad  3.Super slim thin and portable 4.Perfect for long road trips 
     Product Name:new design power bank Color:White or customized color Shell material:Brushed alumium alloy Built-in batteries:Li-polymer battery Capacity:8000mah Input:5V/1A Output:5V/1A,2A Charging time:aroud 5-7hours Recycle:≥500timesOperating  Temperature:-5°C ~ 40°C Storage Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C Dimension:153*76*9.8mm Weight:270g Applicable device:MOBILE,PSP,IPOD,IPHONE,IPAD,MP4,PMP,GPS,CAMERA etc . Feature 1 .You can paint any picture on the shell 2.Compatible with most of smartphone and ipad  3.Super slim thin and portable 4.Perfect for long road trips 
     Product Description Waterproof Solar Charger 12000mAh Protable Solar Power Bank for Smartphone Feature: 1) Brand new 12000mah waterproof solar battery charger 2) High capacity and high compatible, Dual USB output 3) Durable, lightweight, ultra slim design 4) Powerful with long operation time 5) Electricity-saving function 6) User friendly, long cycle life and rapid charge 7) Environmental friendliness and economic efficiency 8) The power bank with LED light and against water   Battery life time: 500 times Battery Cell type:Polymer Battery Capacity :5000mAh Colour:Green, Black, Golden etc. Material:ABS Dimension:142*75*17mm Weight:0.3kg/pcs Input voltage / Current:DC5V /0....
     Product Description Market point: 1.Cable free,tangled, incompatible power cords disappear with wireless power charging technology; 2.Energy Aware,wireless charging eliminates battery anxiety because it's built into our daily lives; 3.Future proof,Wireless power charging is energizing a world of convenience for many consumer products. 4.LED Lamp.   China wireless charger with led lamp 1. Product Standard : Conform Qi Standard; 2. Input voltage: AC110-240V; 3. wireless charging voltage/currency: DC 12V/1000mA; 4. Charging Frequency: 110-205 KHZ; 5. Light source: Imported SMD LED; 6. Apply to any communication device meet the Qi standard; 7. Color temperatures: 5,500-6,000K; 8....
     Specifications 1.Elegant out look ,with power indicator power bank. 2.With power switch, super quality guarantee. 3. Safety circuit protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, over power protection 4.Built-in MICRO charging cable. 5.Small size ,Easy to carry . 6.With LED torch. 8.Strong compatibility,suit for most of the digital devices.   Features Capacity:10000mAh Dimension:137X74.5X15mm Input:DC 5V/1A Output:DC 5V/1A / 2A
     Parameters Battery Type: 3pcs 18650 Battery Life Cycle: ≥500 times                     Input: DC5V 1.5A Output 1: DC5V 1A Output 2: DC5V 2.1A Material: ABS Plastic Color available: white+grey Short Circuit Protection:   √ Over-charge protection : √ Over-discharge protection: √ Certificattion: CE / FCC / Rohs Weight: 163g Dimension: 90*21*63mm
     Parameters  Battery Type: 5pcs 18650 Battery Life Cycle:  ≥500 times                     Input: DC5V 1A Output 1: DC5V 1A Output 2: DC5V 2.1A Material: ABS+PC with big LED torch Color available: White, Orange, Blue Short Circuit Protection:  √ Over-charge protection : √ Over-discharge protection:  √ Certificattion: CE / FCC / Rohs Weight: 290g Dimension: 148*61*23mm
     Parameters Battery Type: 4pcs 18650 Battery Life Cycle:  ≥500 times                     Input: DC5V 1A Output 1: DC5V 1A Output 2: DC5V 2.1A Material: ABS+PC with LCD display Color available: Black/Blue/Pink/White/Green/Orange Short Circuit Protection:   √ Over-charge protection :  √ Over-discharge protection: √ Certificattion: CE / FCC / Rohs Weight: 238g Dimension: 75*23*108mm
     Parameters Capacity: 9000MAH Input: 5V / 2000mA Output: 5V / 1000mA   5V / 2400mA Dimension: 153 x 55 x 12 mm Cycle Life : ≥ 500 Net Weight:  250g Accessories: USB Micro Cable   Feature Description Gold Brick for Power On The Go Fashionable and Unique Design Sleek Aluminum Finish Dual USB Output Quick Charge Input Safety Protection Circuit
     Parameters Capacity: 10000mAh Battery Cell: 18650 Battery Color: Blue/Yellow/Pink/Black/White Input: 5V / 2A Micro USB Output: 5V/1A   5V / 2.1A  Additional fuctions: Remaining power indicator(3 color LED) Dimension: 95x 82.5x 23 mm  Body Weight:  220g Cycle Life : ≥ 500 Charging time: 7 hours with 2A charge Accessories: USB Micro Cable Supported devices: various iphone/ipad/Micro USB Smartphones/tablets.ect
     Feature Description: Sleek Aluminum Finish Dual USB Output LED Power Indicator Strong LED Torch Safety Protection Circuit   Product Description Material: Aluminium Alloy Capacity: 15000mAh Input: DC 5V/2000mA Output: Dual Output: DC 5V/1000mA   DC 5V/2100mA Battery life: charge-discharge cycle more than 500 times Lightspot:  1. Sleek Aluminium Finish 2.  Dual USB Output 3.  LED Power Indicator 4. Strong LED Torch 5. Safety Protection Circuit Suitable for: mobile phone, mp3, mp4, mp5, tablet, speaker, GPS, camera etc. Color: Gold/Gray Accessaries: 1*Micro USB Cable 1*User Manual Product size: 143 x 73 x 17.5mm Product Weight: 305g
     Product Description   Sale point of portable power bank:  (1)Support dual USB + wireless charging at the same time, or a single output, usb charger, wireless charger; (2)Real two output 5V DC/1A and 5V DC/2.1A, real apacity 10000mAh power bank, battery charger;   Specifications: 1, Input: DC4.8 ~ 5.2 V, 1000 ma 2, USB output voltage and current: 5 v / 1000 ma / 5 v / 2100 ma 3, Wireless power output: 5 w 4, Wireless charging distance: 0 ~ 10 mm 5,Size: 153 mm * 73 mm * 12.. 5 mm 6, Product weight: 315 g 7, support all devices accord with wireless charging 8, Charging mode: wired and wireless can charge the battery at the same time 9, Battery capacity: 10000 mah   Wireless C...
     Specifications:  Cell type: lithium battery Capacity: 5,200mAh Input: 5V/1A Output: 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A Net weight: 320g Charging time: 6 hours Certificates: FCC, CE, RoHS Size: 100*80*60mm Socket type: USB charge Cycle lifespan: more than 500 times Operating temperature range: -10-65°C Comprehensive efficiency: more than 80%   Special features: Pleasant: many colors can be choose, fashionable design with dolls Safety: our products with short-circuit, over-current, over-charge, over-discharge protections and more Practical/portable: be suitable for travel, business trip, be used in anywhere, anytime
     Parameters Battery Type:2pcs 18650 Battery Life Cycle: ≥500 times                     Input:DC5V 1A Output 1:DC5V 1A Output 2:DC5V 2.1A Material:ABS+PC with LCD display Color available:Black/Blue/Pink/White   Short Circuit Protection: Yes Over-charge protection :Yes Over-discharge protection:Yes Certificattion:CE / FCC / Rohs Weight:128g Dimension:73*23*66mm
     Feature: 1. The single USB output 2. Two indicators show that red light, on the charging full of bright blue light (green) 3. Leading switching power supply management, reasonable circuit layout. Static power consumption as low as 20 mu A 4. The over voltage, over current, over charge, over and short circuit protection 5. Automatic identification of charging and discharging 6. Product color: Blue, Green, Red, Orange   Specification: Internal Battery type: 18650 li-ion Capacity: 3000mAh--5200mAh Input: DC5V-1A Output: Single USB 5V/1A Size: 115mm*52mm*40mm Weight: 120g   Accessories: (option) Packaging*1 Micro USB cable*1 4in1 cable*1 8in1 cable*1 Lighting cable*1 Charg...
     Specifications: Capacity: 5000mAh Input: DC 5.0V-1000mA Output: DC 5.0V-1000mA Size: 120*63*11.9mm Weight: 150g Color: Black/Golden/Silver/Red Certificate: CE, FCC and ROHS Caution:  1.Don't overheating,fuming,catching fire.  2. Please discharger the power bank completely when using it the first time.  3. Before charging the electric device, please confirm the voltage of the electric device. 4. Don't drop, knock, disassemble or try to repair the power bank by yourself.  5. Don't immerse the power bank in water or make it wet.  6. Don't expose the power bank to a heating source.  7. Keep away from children.  8. Don't use power bank when...
    Dual USB  phone charger 10400mAh Power Bank cubic Power Bank 8800mAh     1.High quality plastic case with polishing surface, smooth and reflecting light, reveal high class product with fine craftsmanship. 2.Intelligent MCU controller,  the digital LED screen display the power capacity. 3.High standard safety protection design, including discharger, overcharge, overload, short-circuit, lighting protection function. 4.Built-in high capacity and quality Li-ion polymer case power pack battery, long battery lifespan, more than 500 times recharge cycles.   Specification: Battery: Li-ion battery pac Capacity:8000mAh 8800mAh 10400mAh Input:DC5V—1000mA Output:DC5V –2000mA (Max) Charging li...
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