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The below is the regular OEM/ODM procedures to you for reference:



This service is one of CPBF’s business lines. We accept custom make order for up to 1,000 quantities and OEM order for more than 200. Wide range & up-to-date external battery designs make our OEM service attractive. Just send us your drawings or specific requirements and we will make the perfect molds for you. We make business simple, enjoy our OEM service.

Bulk Buy
CPBF is one of biggest 
power bank manufacturer & wholesaler in China. Buy direct form CPBF factory and save up to 50% than market price. Bulk buyers get big discount. We provide you cost-effective products with superb quality. Want to buy in a low price? Make a good bargain from CPBF 


power bank bulk buy and get your budget saved now!







CPBF lays stress on small wholesalers and retailers in the global market. High quality products: CE/ Rohs/ FCC GET! Unparalleled customer service: 24 hours online service. Fast shipment: DHL/ FEDEX 5-7 days at most. Wholesale price: for those up to 200 quantities per order. No business is too small. Start a smart business and brilliant future with CPBF today.



Quality Control



·                      We commit to sell products with reliable quality.



·                      According to our advanced devices and standard quality control system, we have effectively kept our product defect rate controlled under 0.2%.



·                      Strictly INTERNAL quality control is carried out by a separate team before ANY goods shipping out the factory





·                      The quality control center





·                       Has advanced product lines and excellent devices and makes key parts finished in clean room to ensure high quality of products.